Speaker Alert delivers an alert message to an area. This could be in a building or outside in a car park, for example. The Speaker Alert speaker units are intelligent devices that communicate with RapidReach using mobile data networks and Wi-Fi. An old Tannoy System can be replaced by RapidReach.

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Speaker Alert informs people of a situation in just a few seconds. Communication is via mobile data networks or WiFi.


Alert messages are transmitted to the speaker in an encrypted and secure way with TLS. Alert messages cannot be intercepted.

Easy to use

No need to draw and connect Audio Cables. 
The Speaker Alert unit only needs power. Communication is wireless via WiFi or mobile data connections without having to configure devices.

How does it work?

The speaker unit is ready to use out of the box. The speaker unit is registered in a RapidReach account and after that it is activated, ready to be used. Installation is simple. The only connection is the power cable. If Wi-Fi is to be used, these Wi-Fi network settings can be registered in RapidReach.

The volume and duration of the alert can be controlled on a speaker by speaker basis. The speaker volume can be specified for the entire system, for specific alert messages or individually for each speaker.

During power interruptions, the speaker units will continue to work for 24 hours, without power supply, assuming that either cellular networks or Wi-Fi can be used.

Within the RapidReach monitor screen, the speaker units can be monitored to ensure that alert messages are delivered to individual speaker units.

When an alert is delivered, it can play a notification sound through the speaker to attract attention, before playing the message.

The speaker units are very easy to install, simply plug into the mains. They can be portable or fixed to a wall. There is no need to install cabling to connect the speakers to amplifiers or a tannoy system. The only cable necessary is the power cable and without power the speaker is able to operate for 24 hours.

To learn more

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No audio cables as in old Tannoy Systems

A significant part of the cost of a speaker system or a Tannoy System  is to connect amplifiers with speakers. Cables has to be pulled through the facilities. This costs time and money.

RapidReach Speaker Alert uses wireless intelligent speakers that connect through mobile data and/or WiFi. Since the RapidReach Emergency speakers are wireless you can easily move them around. You don’t need to decide on a fixed installation.

If there is a power outage, the speakers are able to work off battery for 24 hours and deliver messages in the building.

Automation through text to speech

Speaker Alert is totally integrated in the RapidReach. This means that the speaker announcements and the emergency notification messages can be integrated into the same scenario.

Speaker Alert uses text to speech. You don’t need to record the message on the fly but you type the message and proofread it before you send it. You can also use predefined messages to make sure the quality of your messages are good. 

Tannoy System replacement

RapidReach is a replacement of old Tannoy systems. The setup is much easier. No need to draw audio cables. Much lower up from cost. Greater control by selecting speakers to play messages. High flexibility, one speaker could easily be moved to another location.

Speaker Alert FAQ

Speaker Alert can be used in a variety of situations, such as

  • Building lockdown or evacuation – controlled lockdown or evacuation during an incident
  • Site evacuation – communicate with all areas of a site
  • Alert a localised area to a specific danger, for example, airborne contamination
  • Muster point communication
The alert can be delivered audibly as a notification sound (volume and duration adjustable) or the alert message can be read aloud. 

Yes, RapidReach can replace Tannoy Systems making the speaker system much more flexible and cost effective.