In a global environment, development can be farmed out anywhere – including hotspots for hacking. Foreign governments snoop on data and require access – how do you know that your employee data is safe?

Password-based attacks

With email and password-based login you are incredibly vulnerable to the simplest of password attacks. Malware attacks on SaaS software vendors are becoming commonplace too. Theft of sensitive data is one thing but hacking often creates malicious chaos.  RapidReach employs multiple security strategies to make sure you don’t get hacked and your sensitive data stays safe. You can even keep your data inside your own secure domain with a hybrid solution.

Secure login

RapidReach already uses two levels of non-email address-based login credentials to protect access to your sensitive personal information.  We have recently added Two-factor authentication & IP detection to further establish secure login access.

Heartbleed, Bash & Poodle

The latest hacker vulnerabilities are no match for RapidReach.  Our server support staff are hyper-vigilant and our servers are maintained to world-class standards of security, often being patched within hours of vulnerabilities being detected. Not every supplier is as vigilant or proactive and could leave you vulnerable to data breach.

SaaS is not the only solution

Do you need even higher levels of security? RapidReach is available as an on-premises solution or as a hybrid SaaS/On-premises solution. You can keep the data within your organisation but leverage our dedicated and 100% owned communications infrastructure.

Software Development

State sponsored hacking is big business it seems. It is reported that China, India and Russia are the worst culprits but some suppliers insist on using development resources in those countries increasing your risk of vulnerability. RapidReach is fully developed in-house in a secure environment. We don’t use external development resource.