SmartPhone Alert is an emergency notification app that provides the ability to send alerts securely to iPhone and Android phones. 

The alert displays fully on the screen and the user can easily respond to the alert, if required. It can be used as a smartphone based pager. 

SmartPhone Alert is part of the RapidReach concept with many more possibilities than traditional pagers. Read more about RapidReach Emergency Notification app here.

Emergency Notification App


Communication is achieved via mobile data network or WiFi and is much faster and more reliable than traditional SMS.


Unlike SMS, information sent via SmartPhone Alert is transmitted via an encrypted and secure way with TLS. Messages cannot be intercepted.

Easy to use

The SmartPhone Alert app is easy to register through a one touch registration. Once it's registered it will notify visually and through audio and voice. 

How does it work?

Alerts can be delivered using SmartPhone Alert installed as an app. When registering the device in the RapidReach account, an SMS/e-mail with an activation link is sent to the recipient’s smartphone. Once installed and registered, app upgrades are managed via updates in the Apple App Store / Google Play.

When the SmartPhone Alert App receives an alert, the alert appears on the phone / tablet screen. The alert can be delivered audibly as a notification sound (volume and duration adjustable) or the alert message can be read aloud through the device’s speaker. 

To respond to an alert is simple, via a tap of a screen on a smartphone or tablet. The recipient can also view previous messages that they have received on the history screen.

To learn more

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GPS positioning in the Emergency Notification App

There is an option in SmartPhone Alert to send alerts to a recipient based on their current location. This could be during a localised incident. The recipient must enable the use of their location on their smartphone / tablet to enable this location based alerting. Positioning is achieved via GPS, if available, or determined using signals from mobile network base stations.

Emergency Notification App – replacement of pagers

SmartPhone Alert app is a smartphone pager app that can replace obsolete pagers and paging systems. Read more>> Pager apps is the modern pager solution.

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SmartPhone Alert FAQ

Yes. SmartPhone Alert can communicate via WiFi in areas where there is no mobile reception.

Yes. RapidReach supports high risk locations communication based on the realtime position of the user’s smartphone.

Yes. If you want to hear more about how, don’t hesitate to contact us.

SmartPhone Alert is suitable for all environments and provides flexibility and resiliency to communication.

The alert can be delivered audibly as a notification sound (volume and duration adjustable) or the alert message can be read aloud. If required, silent mode on a user’s phone can be overridden.