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Add-on options

RapidReach provides several options to the basic configuration, such as Collaboration, Recipient WEB Portal, GIS, and interface to other systems.

Local in-house system can also be extended with support for a variety of equipment types.

Collaboration and access


Streamline and simplify collaboration. Includes conferencing, a bulletin board for publishing documents and links and a logbook where you can log the progress of an incident.

page_bulletRecipient WEB portal (RWP)

The Recipient WEB Portal is designed for your call recipients. It can be used for updating contact details and accessing the bulletin board and the logbook.


GeoCall makes it possible to geocode all recipients and to easily define a geographical area for the call-out.

Activating and Interfacing

page_bulletData Connection Platform (DCP)

Automate import of data to the RapidReach database from external sources.

page_bulletCall-Out Engine (COE)

Allow external systems to define and start call-outs using simple text files.

page_bulletApplication Interface (API)

Allow external systems to start predefined RapidReach call-outs through a DLL file.

page_bulletScenarion Engine (SE)

Allow external systems to start predefined RapidReach call-outs using a simple text file.

page_bulletPLC Interface (PLC)

Allow external PLC systems to trigger scenarios in RapidReach. The feature is sold with a 14 port PLC unit.

Equipment Options

These options are only sold together with a RapidReach system like RapidReach Enterprise or RapidReach Professional.

Phone lines
Up to 480 phone lines supported on one system. Handles both incoming and outgoing calls.

Text messages, SMS & Alpha paging
Transmit instructions to mobile phones, PDAs and text pagers. Recipients can respond from mobile phones and PDAs or call back. HTTP, TAP and UCP protocolls supported.

Send out text or files by e-mail through an SMTP server. Recipients can respond via e-mail or call back.

Transmit numerical messages to pagers and handle call backs automatically.

Handle single faxes or broadcast faxing during a call-out, or implement a faxback service.

Desktop Alerting
Trigger a popup message on all computers, with the possibility to respond to the message.