Cruise ship applications

RapidReach has two major applications on a cruise ship. The first use of RapidReach is as an emergency notification system to notify different teams of an emergency or incident onboard and the second use is for staff messaging on the ship. The same app is used for both emergency notification and messaging.
RapidReach is an internal system on the ship and not dependent on satellite communications.

Emergency Notification

Most Cruise ships currently use local pagers to notify personnel in the event of an emergency. RapidReach replaces these pagers with a secure, reliable and monitored smartphone app using the existing WiFi networks on the ship. RapidReach doesn’t replace PA systems but enhances them.

In addition, RapidReach is also able to reach people that are not on the cruise ship on local phones and private radio devices. RapidReach can also be programmed with both primary and secondary contact individuals. If the primary individual is not responding, RapidReach will contact the secondary individual to ensure the message is received.

The benefits of using RapidReach instead of pagers are:

First Stage Response example

The Notification Panel is a fast, reliable and convenient way to start an emergency alert. The Panel can be preconfigured for a range of potential scenarios. In the example below the initiator of the alert begins by pressing the “First Stage Response” button and then selecting the appropriate keys for deck, fire zone and location (port, middle or starboard).
If required, additional information about the incident, or specific steps that should be undertaken, may be added in the free text section.
The initiator of the alert can check and adjust the message before activating the alert. Once it’s started the initiator can also follow the progress on the Notification Panel screen to determine who has received the alert and monitor responses.
For the recipient of the alert, an alarm sound will be triggered on their smart phone and the message will be clearly displayed. If a response option is required, this can be easily selected at the touch of a button before they proceed to respond to the incident as directed.


A common way to solve Crew to Crew messaging on a cruise ship is to use WhatsApp or similar cloud-based solutions. The disadvantage of this is that they rely on satellite communication that is very expensive and in some cases unreliable.

Crew to Crew communication normally costs tens of thousands of dollars per month. RapidReach provides a similar messaging solution for chat and voice calls without any traffic costs. It relies on the ships wifi that is more stable than  satellite communications.

RapidReach also has some functionality that cloud messaging systems lack. When using RapidReach you can include Private Radio Devices in the voice communication. Phones connected to the PBX can also be included in the communication.

The Messaging component of RapidReach includes:

Equipment used

In both Emergency Notification and in Messaging
RapidReach is able to communicate via:

smartphone app
    – emergency text alerts with sound
    – chat messages
    – emergency voice calls
   – non-emergency voice calls

fixed phones (connected to PBX)
    – chat messages
    – emergency voice calls
   – non-emergency voice calls

2 way radio
    – emergency voice calls
   – non-emergency voice calls calls

   – non-emergency voice calls

Notification Panel
    – emergency text alerts with sound