Panic Button

Panic button is an addition option within the RapidReach Emergency App. It’s used by people working in a dagenerous environment making them able to manually activate through the oanic button or indirect start the alarm by setting timer that is not canceled. “Man down” is also supported.

How it Works

The Panic Button concept consist of 3 ways to activate the alarm

  • Activation by pressing a panic button for more than 3 seconds
  • An activity timer is set fto a specific duration. I this timer is not turned of then the alarm will be triggered.
  • Man down. Activiation is triggered by a fall down detection or a car colision

In all teese cases an alert message with the name of the individual and their location is included together with predefined alert information. Their location is based on GPS. The location of the individual is presented both as an address as well a koordinaes presented in a map. The alarm could notify using

panic button

Panic button

The panic button is activated from the home page of the RapidReach Smartphone Alert App. It appears as a button that could be activated by pressing it for 3 seconds. Once it’s activated you will feel a vibration and also visually see that the activation has been done successfully.

The activation will trigger a RapidReach scenario that is totally configurable. It could be a simple scenaio with just one recipient or notification of a group with cascade possibilites. 

Panic button timer

Using the panic timer you can specify a time when the Panic button alarm will be triggered. If the timer is not stopped before the the timelimit expires, an alarm scenario will automatically be initiated. The scenario could be simple or advanced.

This function is very useful if a high risk activity is done and an alarm should be activated if the activity is not completed with a specific time frame.

Man down alarm

This alarm is not intiated by activating a panic button or setting a timer. It’s automtically initiated if the phone detects an abnormal acceleration casued by the owner of the phone falling mre than 2 meters of other abnormal situations. 

When the man down alarm is to be initated the phone will vibrate and the user has 30 seconds to stop the alrm from going off if it was a false alarm