To make sure that your post sales experience is not totally different from your pre sales expectation we suggest that you consider following recommendations.

Try before you buy

We are so confident that you’ll love RapidReach we’ll arrange for you to try it out for a whole month together with 50 call units.  We’ll even help you set it up and put it through its paces.

Call us for support

It’s not just about RapidReach; it’s about our company too. You want a supplier that you can trust and count on when it matters. Our customers just love our customer support service. We bend over backwards to be helpful and to fully resolve a problem to your satisfaction. You will remain in direct contact with the support person able to resolve the issue too.  We don’t pass the buck.

SMS in Emerging Countries

RapidReach is able to offer full two-way SMS communication solutions in emerging countries like India, China, African states, etc. In fact there are very few countries that we can’t work in.

US-based product specialists

With US-based product specialists and second line support only a phone-call away you can actually talk to a real person who will own and resolve the issue directly with you. Don’t put up with foreign call centres and inane on-hold music.