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On-Premises solution

RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise is our in-house solution. We will install our software on your own dedicated or virtual server ensuring your sensitive personal contact information is under your control at all time.

We will help you design a dedicated communications system to maximise the call-out capacity.

Why select an in-house system?

  • Full control of all systems and processes in the communication chain
  • All sensitive personal information is kept locally
  • Immediate physical access at any time of the day or night
  • Facilitates easier integration with other internal systems
  • Increasing use leads to lower costs (some customers use their RapidReach systems up to 200 times a day!)

Flexible and extendable    

Our in-house system solution, RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise, can easily be tailored to fit your exact needs. With add-on license options, RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise can be extended with additional functionality, equipment support and interfaces that allows integration with external systems.
The modular design of RapidReach allows you to add options at any time. Find out more here

Want to know more?

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