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With just a few clicks you will get our web based service RapidReach ENS to contact everyone on your alarm list. RapidReach can be used for all kinds of situations when you need to reach people fast. ie: fire, productions disturbances or network outage. RapidReach will notify and inform personnel in an efficient manner without the need of you having to waste tons of time to lookup numbers and manually having to call everyone.

Features with a service

  • No installation or maitenance of software or hardware required
  • Always available everywhere you got an internet connection
  • Simple to integrate with current external systems

Short description

Our Web based service RapidReach Emergency Notification Service (“ENS”) does not require any specialized hardware. You simply access RapidReach ENS from anywhere using your browser of choice. You subscribe to the service in periods of one, three or five years and purchase call units in bulks of 500 or 5000 units. Pricing starts at 15.000 SEK annually including 500 call units. If you want to get in touch with us or if you like to hear more about what we have to offer, click on “Contact Us” to the right and fill in the form.

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Want to know more?

To know more about RapidReach Emergency notification system download brochure and data sheet below or go to a description of RapidReach and the options available for RapidReach.

To get your own experience of RapidReach why not sign up for a free trial?

page_bulletRapidReach Brochure – General overview

page_bulletRapidReach Data Sheet – Lists features and functionalities





Local system


If you prefer to have full control of your data and if you want to provide your own telephone lines, then your preferred choice should be a locally installed RapidReach-system.

Features with a local system

  • All information stored locally
  • Direct local access to the system
  • Easy to integrate with external systems
  • Lower cost for customers with extensive usage

System options

  • RapidReach Professional
  • RapidReach Enterprise
    Web based system
  • RapidReach Options
    RapidReach is modular – you may add new functions when necessary

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RapidReach provides several options to the basic configuration, both for extended functionality as well as interface to other systems. Local in-house system can also be extended with support for a variety of equipment types.

Collaboration and access

Streamline and simplify collaboration. Includes conferencing, a bulletin board for publishing documents and links and a logbook where you can log the progress of an incident.

Recipient WEB Portal (RWP)
The Recipient WEB Portal is designed for your call recipients. It can be used for updating contact details and accessing the bulletin board and the logbook.

GeoCall makes it possible to geocode all recipients and to easily define a geographical area for the call-out.

Activating and Interfacing

Data Connection Platform (DCP)
Automate import of data to the RapidReach database from external sources.

Call-Out Engine (COE)
Allow external systems to define and start call-outs using simple text files.

Scenario Engine (SE)
Allow external systems to start predefined RapidReach call-outs using a simple text file.