Call Tree

A call tree is a layered hierarchy (or tree) of communication that is used to notify relevant people of an event and coordinate recovery. Nowadays, people usually use emergency notification systems.

What Is a Call Tree?

A call tree is a hierarchical system of emergency response communication in which each person who receives a message can forward the message to the next person down the line. This ensures that everyone gets the message. The tree is arranged so that a specific individual could easily and quickly forward the message to the others. It can be organized to identify what contacts to notify based on the specifications of the incident, such as level of severity, people impacted and so on.

call tree

How Does a Call Tree Work?

In a call tree for a large organization, emergency response communication is usually initiated at the time of the event by a designated leader. They then call the next group of people in the tree, who are usually responsible for calling at least two people themselves. This continues until everyone in the tree is notified of the situation.

Call trees can be used to deliver instructions or information in times of emergencies. They are pre-organized and must be established before an emergency takes place. Call trees may be organized by levels of seniority.

While call trees have been done manually in the past, it is much more standard, efficient and safer to use an emergency notification system now, such as the RapidReach Emergency Notification System. By using an automated system  of crisis communication.

Why Are Call Trees Important?

It is important to have an efficient emergency notification system in the event that there is an emergency. Call trees are the best way to do this. This is especially true in large organizations where direct communication can be slow or unorganized. Call trees can help provide businesses with a streamlined emergency notification solution to communicate essential information during times of crisis. This may include evacuation plans, emergency alerts and more.