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Emergency Mass Notification Systems considerations

To ensure you are successful there are several things you should consider when buying a Emergency Mass Notification system. It’s easy to just select the least expensive alternative among Emergency Mass Notification Systems or to select the system with most features. To assist you we have offered some advice below:

  • Are you going to use the Emergency Mass Notification System frequently or infrequently?
    If you are using the system infrequently make sure you select a Emergency Mass Notification system that is easy to understand. Otherwise you will end up with a very capable system that the user doesn’t know how to use when an incident occurs. Functionality has to be necessary, intuitive and easy to use. A system user needs to feel confident with the system.
  • Central management or decentralized?
    Does your organisation have the capability to manage contact data, messages and scenarios in the Emergency Mass Notification System centrally, or would you like message recipients to manage their data management via their own portal? If you are looking to decentralize the management of data, ensure that the process is as simple as possible with no jargon or unnecessary functionality. If you are centralizing the management of contact data, can you automate the process or is that overkill for your requirements? Functionality costs money, is it really necessary?
  • How is the system going to be implemented?
    Many implementations of Emergency Mass Notification Systems fail due to over complication of the management system. Think through the implementation in advance and try to keep it simple.

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Security is paramount. An easy way to check if the vendor has done their homework is to check the SSL security of their site. When you use the internet, site sensitive information is transferred. Make sure that the information is encrypted in a safe way. SSL Lab offers a comprehensive tool for this.

To make sure that the vendor is working in a secure and organised way check that the mass notification system vendor is ISO 27001 accredited, as well as ISO 9001 certified.

If you want to keep all your data locally rather than in the cloud, RapidReach provides the option to host your own on-premises Mass Notification System.

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Is this your experience?

We regularly receive enquiries from organisations currently using other providers.
A common theme is that too many emergency notification projects have failed because of too much complexity setting up and maintaining a system, and too steep a learning curve for administrators. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The RapidReach way

RapidReach is designed to be easy to implement, easy to use, practical and secure.

Easy migration and setup

We will assist with the migration of your data and the setup of RapidReach. In most cases this can be achieved in 3-4 hours.

Only pay for what you use

RapidReach has a modular design and cost model. You don’t pay for unnecessary functionality that you don’t require.

Save money and increase value

Contact our sales team to see how much switching to RapidReach could save you. In many cases we have been able to reduce costs significantly with no compromise on functionality.

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Want to know more?

To know more about RapidReach Emergency notification system download brochure and data sheet below or go to a description of RapidReach and the options available for RapidReach.

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page_bulletRapidReach Brochure – General overview

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